Group Counseling

Process and Support Group for Managing Depression and Anxiety

The blues, feelings of unhappiness, unmotivated, despair, overwhelmed by loss or sense of failure, paralyzed, extreme sadness - these are some of the ways those working to manage and overcome bouts of depression and anxiety describe their feelings.

The vast majority of us will experience some form of anxiety or depression during our lives. Unfortunately, many struggle and suffer in isolation. Episodes of depression and anxiety may be situational and temporary, sometimes they are more enduring - come to learn, come for support, come to build new skills in managing difficult moods. Our main resources will be The Mood Repair Toolkit by David A. Clark, Ph.D and The Art of Forgivenss, Lovingkindness, and Peace by Jack Kornfield.

During our 10 weeks together we create a safe and supportive container for learning, sharing, and growth as you:

  • Review some of the  latest research pertaining to the experience of depression
  • Explore what you may learn from your sadness
  • Practice using emotional regulation tools and techniques
  • Learn how to use more than 30 mood repair strategies
  • Engage with likeminded men and women who understand the challenges of mood management
  • Develop your plan for mood repair and management
  • Practice the Art of Forgiveness and Lovingkindnes

Fall/Winter Group Now Forming - meets every other Saturday  from 2 pm until 3:30 pm

Initial Interview $90 then $35 per Group Session  - 10 Week Commitment Encouraged

Group size limited to 8

Call for questions or to schedule your interview and to hold your space



Anger Management - Aligning Heart, Will, and Spirit - For Individuals or Groups

If you or someone you care about are stuck in habitual patterns of hurtful and destructive anger and aggression, or are unable to express your thoughts and feelings, our 8-week group training can help you learn more effective ways to relate and resolve conflict.

This 8-Week psycho educational group training is designed to help men and women gain a better understanding of their habitual patterns of anger and aggression and how destructive patterns can be changed.  We create a safe and confidential container for sharing, learning, and healing while supporting group members in designing effective strategies for managing aggression and resolving conflict. In this training group members will:

  • Identify triggering events that lead to anger and aggression
  • Understand the physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral cues relating to anger and aggression
  • Learn to manage anger
  • Stop violence and the threat of violence
  • Develop self-control over thoughts and actions that lead to aggression
  • Learn a five-step model of conflict resolution

At my location or your facility (work groups)

Initial Assessment fee contingent on number of individuals in your work setting

Initial Assessment for Individulas $100

then $35 per person per Group session or $85 per individual session

Fall/Winter Group ;Now Forming

Certificate of Completion Provided